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My Bio,
Hmmm, that's a hard one.
In High School, I was pretty much a geek. I wrote my own programs on main frame computers when most people didn't know what one was, I played chess, practiced karate and sailed boats. One of my high points was being one of four high school students picked to play against the top computer chess programs of the time (though I lost). I started out in college studying Physics at Texas A&M University. During that period, I raced bicycles, fenced, played chess and worked as a fireman. I was trying for the Olympics in road racing until it was boycotted. I ran short of funds and ended up joining the Army and became a Special Forces Communications Sergeant. I became an Arabic linguist and finished one degree in physics and another in history. Ten years after joining, I obtained a commission and became a military intelligence aviator. I worked in Honduras, El Salvador and finally Panama. While in Panama, I lived on a sailboat, sailed to numerous islands and won the national sailing championship.
I then went to Arizona to work at the Military Intelligence School as an aviation advisor and IT subject matter expert for the Commanding General. I got my Phd in religion during that period from ULC. Then I retired and started computer jobs as a field service tech, then an Apple tech and finally my present job. During that period, I obtained a BS in Information Technology from DeVry University. I now work as the Senior Network/Systems Administrator for a non-profit organization that assists the visually impaired.